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About Kaidi

Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Co., Ltd.


Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, located in Changzhou, China. The company has long been engaged in the development of linear drive systems, product development, manufacturing, domestic and international marketing in a full-process service system, mainly for smart home, smart office, The company provides linear drive system products in the fields of medical care and auto parts. The company is a leading company in the linear drive industry.
  The company has domestic leading production capacity, and has the characteristics of large-scale, flexible and vertical integration. It has established a rapid response flexible manufacturing system integrating equipment, process, product, production capacity and expansion capability. Vertical integration of development - injection molding - processing - manufacturing - assembly - inspection.
  The company has always maintained continuous product and technological innovation. Through years of development, the company currently employs more than 2,000 people. With deep technical accumulation, the company can quickly respond to the diversified product customization needs of downstream customers, and has the ability to participate in the diversified terminal product design and R&D work simultaneously to meet the changing downstream market demand. With strong technical innovation capability, excellent product quality and fast response service system, the company has become a high-quality supplier of many downstream customers with strong industry influence. The popularity and reputation of independent brands have been continuously improved in the global industry.
The company's main products are linear drive system products, which are composed of electric push rods, hand controllers, electrical boxes and other accessory parts. Currently, they are used in functional sofas in smart homes, electric lift desks in smart office fields, and medical equipment. End products such as medical beds and electric nursing beds in the industry, and automotive tailgate opening systems for the automotive industry. With the continuous enhancement of technology research and development capabilities, the application fields of the company's linear drive system products are continuously enriched.

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The company has strong production capacity, large-scale, flexible and vertically integrated production characteristics, and has established a rapid response flexible manufacturing system integrating equipment

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