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Focus on customers and fight epidemic together

Company news
2020/03/26 13:22

  Recently, the Novel Coronavirus has seriously affected the socialorder of production and living in related countries. Changzhou Kaidi Electric Inc.,as a responsible enterprise rooted in China and serving the world, has always beenpaying continuous attention to the global epidemic. Kaidi Electrical immediately expressed solicitudeand concern to customers and overseas employees, also provided relevant medicalassistance.



  As of March 26th, Kaidi Electrical has donated the first batch of medicalsupplies to related customers in the United States, Germany, the UnitedKingdom, Poland, Canada, Australia and Spain, helping them to control thesituation, minimize the impact, and overcome the outbreaks, so that thecustomers will resume the normal order of production and living as soon aspossible. Meanwhile, the second batch of medical supplies will be expedited.




  Mr. Zhou Rongqing,the Chairman of Kaidi Electrical said: “Serving our customers is our purpose. " “Standing with our customers and fight together" is our initiative. We believe that as long as we unite together, support each other, we can overcome the difficulties and the virus.

  Mr. Zhou Shucheng, the president of Kaidi Electrical,on behalf of the board of directors, extendssincere condolences to our customers and overseas colleagues and wishes them health and safety.