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Business Scope 

Smart Home Division

Kaidi Smart Home Division takes innovation and research and development as the core development drive, and takes “Enjoy the technology life” as its mission. The business covers the development and manufacture of smart home sofas, smart lift beds and smart home drive systems. At present, Kaidi has formed an international R&D layout, professional independent research and development.

Smart Medical Division

With the continuous development of the global medical industry, Kaidi has continuously invested in research and development energy and cutting-edge funds to open up the medical market in recent years. The business of Kaidi Intelligent Medical Division mainly covers medical equipment, medical rehabilitation beds, operating beds, electric wheelchairs and other medical equipment products.

Smart Office Division

As a globally renowned provider of intelligent office home systems, Kaidi Smart Office has brought together the industry's high-quality development and design capabilities, professional and efficient production lines, and a global after-sales service system. Software development, engineering design, laboratory testing, global project management capabilities,

Sofa Iron Frame Division

Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of the intelligent sofa iron frame division----Kaiyan Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which is an international intelligent manufacturing factory based on the manufacture of smart sofa iron frame. The company has established an international team that integrates R&D, production, quality control and sales, and insists on providing customers with professional and perfect products and services.

Automotive Parts Division

Changzhou Kaidi Electric Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Kaicheng Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a leading auto parts manufacturing company in China, which aims to provide high quality products with high quality and excellent prices to customers around the world. Products cover traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles and other fields.